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What is Hapkido?

The way of Harmony and Inner Power

The ancient art of Hapkido was developed by Buddhist monks for the purpose of self-defence.

The techniques we teach have been refined and modified to employ effective and versatile self-defence

training for the 21st century.

Any adult regardless of athletic ability or age can use and apply Hapkido self-defence movements.

Hapkido was introduced to Australia in the early 90’s by the late Grand Master Cha Sok Park.

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Why Choose Hapkido?

Just like other forms of martial arts, hapkido carries a number of physical and psychological benefits for those who practice the art. These include improved physical health, better mental health, self-discipline through training, and self-confidence.  

The term Hapkido is derived from three Korean words:

  • Hap: the coordination of mind & body

  • Ki: the inner energy that is created  and manifested through Hap

  • Do: the self-controlled and disciplined life necessary to create Hap and Ki

 Our skilled instructors work around each students' skill level and grade based on individual ability. This form of martial art is suitable for all skill levels including beginners.

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How Do I Book a Class?

Amazing it is time to start your martial art journey!


Check out our class schedule and locations below and book by emailing or calling us at:

Email: Tel: 0402 542 994

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Joining Fee (Renewed Annually): $50

$10.00 per lesson white to yellow belt

$12.00 per lesson yellow to green belt

 $15.00 per lesson green belt and above

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