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The Ancient art of Hapkido and Taekwondo are Korean Martial Arts.  Many people practice these martial arts for self-defence benefits but they are also art forms, studied and practised for their beauty and grace of movement. By developing different skills at each level students learn to set and achieve personal goals.  The positive experiences and confidence gained in practising these arts are one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

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Meet Your Instructors

Senior Instructor Vasilka began Martial Arts in the late 80's starting off with Self Defense for Women at TAFE and then moving on to advanced classes.  


She then followed up with Taekwondo, undertaking classes along with her children.  


She was introduced to Hapkido in the late 90's through Master Michael and currently enjoys teaching Hapkido and Kids Taekwondo with Oriental Martial Arts Academy.

Meet Your Instructors

Chief Instructor Master Michael began his Martial Arts journey in the mid-seventies with Rhee Taekwondo a Korean Martial Art.   In the early nineties he was the first Instructor for World Taekwondo and started training centres in the Adelaide metropolitan and South Australian country areas.  


In the mid 90's Master Michael was introduced to the late Grand Master Cha Sok Park and as a direct result learned Hapkido.  Master Michael has undertaken several trips to South Korea resulting 

in successfully completing instructing and training courses run by the Juseong University.

He has been studying and teaching throughout this time.  He has taught children and adults helping them to reach each belt along the way and achieve their goals.  Some have become instructors.

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