Lillian - The leaflet arrived in my mail box 

advertising Martial Arts for Over Fifties.  Hmmm, I 

thought to myself.  Sounds Good!  So, gingerly, I turned

up, to the first class, somewhat expecting to be the oldest

and the most overweight in the class.

That was six months ago or more.  And, yes, I

am the oldest and the most overweight.  But hey,

it doesn't matter because the mob of over-fifties in

the class are just the best group to have fun with

and get fit at the same time.  


What I love about the class is that people laugh at

themselves when they make a mistake and we also

laugh together.  And that can only happen in a NON-competitive

atmosphere.  Hooray for the freedom of fun and 

laughter as one learns!  If you don't believe me then come

along and see for yourself!


As a septuagenarian (that's a fancy word for 

someone in their seventies), I challenge you to do



Jo-Anne - I really wish I had know about this




Chris - You don't know what this does for me.  I live for this each week.



























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