Hapkido for Over 50's

Ever thought Martial Arts is only for young people?

It is claimed that it is never too late to gain the benefits of exercise whether you

are looking for muscle tone or joint loosening.  Exercise increases emotional

benefits at any age and includes feeling better from the release of stress and tension,

decrease in depression and increase in self-confidence.


Why choose Hapkido for Over 50's

Martial Arts helps develop and increase self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness, emotional control, and stress relief.  Low impact activity and exercises work every muscle in your

body with  movements that train both the body and the mind.  We believe there is

always a reason for every person to learn self-defence.  Work at your own pace.


Improvements through practice

Left/right brain hemisphere integration

Increased balance, coordination, fitness, strength, flexibility and stamina

Enhanced abilities in all other activities

Mind/body unity and harmony